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2009-01-03 14:06:06 by Sephora

Wanted to start the new year with a song as I haven't had the time lately to create anything.

I had an idea of defiance when making this song, a sort of rebellion maybe. It can be interpreted however, tell me what kind of visual or situation you get out of it.

Esoteric Defiance


The struggles we have within

2008-07-19 15:29:25 by Sephora

Some of us may have difficulty controling some of the things we would usualy keep to ourselves. You might be at a breaking point in your life where constant pressures are out of hand, or something that has been troubling you is controlling your thoughts and judgement. Perhaps not wanting to deal with it or attempting to push it away might be more harmful as it might come back later in larger doses.

This song is made to represent the internal struggles that one may have at any time in their life. The constant build-up in the song symbolizes the struggle.

How do we overcome our internal struggles? Listen and tell me what you think.

Internal Struggle

The struggles we have within


2008-05-18 20:08:15 by Sephora

A lot of work put into this one...a bit melancholy, programmatic; it's about someone who experiences schizophrenia or maybe have similar symptoms.

Open to some perspectives, tell me what you think about it.



The Two Demons

2008-02-18 21:57:44 by Sephora

I've been really busy lately, but I managed to find some time to make this.
Listen to it fully, tell me what you think.

The Two Demons

Black Velocity

2007-12-17 21:47:56 by Sephora

The latest...check it out


Enigmatic Journey...

2007-11-09 16:35:48 by Sephora

I just posted my latest song, Enigmatic Journey. I'm looking for some feedback, so if you have any opinions about it I would like to know.

Click here for song

Yet another post....

2007-09-08 23:52:40 by Sephora

Got another song out, Living Hell.. check it out.

I don't understand why people vote "0" when the entry is fresh, honestly it doesn't make sense. Actually listen to the damn song before you pass judgement. I can give honest votes; but "0"?? The song would have to be hideously out of tune or stolen to deserve a "0".

Yet another post....

New Song

2007-08-04 17:50:03 by Sephora

Currently I submitted my latest song Hatshepsut's Tomb, check it out. It's probably one of my most aggressive songs so far.