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Yet another post....

2007-09-08 23:52:40 by Sephora

Got another song out, Living Hell.. check it out.

I don't understand why people vote "0" when the entry is fresh, honestly it doesn't make sense. Actually listen to the damn song before you pass judgement. I can give honest votes; but "0"?? The song would have to be hideously out of tune or stolen to deserve a "0".

Yet another post....


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2007-09-09 00:31:41

Living Hell was pretty good man, I loved it. Zero bombers are just assholes tryin to wreck other peoples songs. Sadly they can't be stopped =\


2007-09-09 00:40:21

What do people gain from voting other's song 0 (or anything for that matter)?

I suppose some people are just pricks.


2007-11-04 12:53:30

i feel that, i get it too cause im noob, and then from then on i can like never reach over 3.5 or 3.6 and i know if that 0 wasn't done i'd be sitting on low 4's

HAHA but dw i 5ed you on living hell :D

review and vote and listen to my stuff bra!!!