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Black Velocity

2007-12-17 21:47:56 by Sephora

The latest...check it out



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2007-12-17 22:06:38

Nice song it was awsome. I wish their would be some volcals. Anyways I also like your icon of the human skeliton were did u find it. Still great song it's on my favs.


2007-12-17 22:08:51

srry but I should also mention that the vocals could be like rammsteins, Just my opinioned.


2008-01-03 06:27:57

i thought it was awesome, i love your stuff, it's what true industrial is. i fived your work!

I have submitted a new song also, called SREVOLWUN, review that please? I'd like to have the time and patience to put as many layers into my music as you do lol.

P.S. a question, what do you use to make this? the guitar is perfect, FL7 and Reason 4 have shit guitar that you can't work with at all. Thanks XD