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2008-05-18 20:08:15 by Sephora

A lot of work put into this one...a bit melancholy, programmatic; it's about someone who experiences schizophrenia or maybe have similar symptoms.

Open to some perspectives, tell me what you think about it.




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2008-05-18 20:11:43

Not my style. I voted a 4/5 so I wouldn't hurt your score too much (only 4 votes at the time). I can see why others would like it though. For the rest of the post Archon68 will talk in the third person.

Archon69 wants you to go to Archon68's page so you can give Archon68 feedback on Archon68's new game. Archon68 thanks you.


2008-05-18 20:52:31

your art scares me

Sephora responds:

It's not mine


2008-05-18 23:12:57

i liked it! i don't really feel like going into why. i just really liked the rhythm.

i voted five 7.17 times.

Sephora responds:

Okay thanks


2008-05-19 05:42:56

emanhattan is a cool guy and a friend of mine


2008-05-19 06:58:25

i was expecting something really lame, but i was pleasantly surprised.
seriously nice sound.

Sephora responds:

Well i'm glad I could surprise you from low expectations, thanks for listening :)


2008-05-19 10:37:57

├▒aww wow
nice draw i like you art......

I think it would be good
seek the root of their suffering
fill her with something serious Basie mint
but always preferred the solitude of his madness that is not what I think

Sephora responds:

The art piece (painting) on this page is not mine, but it's certainly interesting to look at. I thought it went well the song I composed. If you want the art perhaps or want to check out other similar work by the same artist, send me a pm. I'd be happy to send you a link.


2008-06-06 13:48:54

i left a review for you. your my favorite artist on newgrounds!keep making your excellent music!

Sephora responds:

Thanks for the support


2008-06-23 00:46:28

Your should really take the time to respond to all your music reviews. Some people will respect you a lot more if you do so.


Sephora responds:

Yeah you're right. I'm taking that into consideration because I would only expect the same from others as well.

Plus it's always good to hear positive feedback. Even if it's not positive, there still might be something useful to consider.


2008-07-03 20:31:04

the art intrigues me. i would like to know who did this painting and other peices by them.

pm me.


2008-07-16 04:00:29

I LOVE YOU, and i mean your work.

Very creative, keep it up!