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The struggles we have within

2008-07-19 15:29:25 by Sephora

Some of us may have difficulty controling some of the things we would usualy keep to ourselves. You might be at a breaking point in your life where constant pressures are out of hand, or something that has been troubling you is controlling your thoughts and judgement. Perhaps not wanting to deal with it or attempting to push it away might be more harmful as it might come back later in larger doses.

This song is made to represent the internal struggles that one may have at any time in their life. The constant build-up in the song symbolizes the struggle.

How do we overcome our internal struggles? Listen and tell me what you think.

Internal Struggle

The struggles we have within


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2008-07-19 15:43:32



2008-07-19 16:36:55

"is controlling your thoughts and judgement."

What a lame cop out. Every person on the planet has internal struggles. We fight to be noticed, to make a difference to be more than we feels we are.

Honestly, anyone who uses these battles we have with ourselves as an excuse is missing a piece of the puzzle.


2008-08-20 21:26:41

help me they'll find me cheryl, dont take my hope.