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The Two Demons

2008-02-18 21:57:44 by Sephora

I've been really busy lately, but I managed to find some time to make this.
Listen to it fully, tell me what you think.

The Two Demons


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2008-02-19 09:38:59

Wholesome and clean, I favorite'd it. I want to say that it could have benefited from some kind of more dominant melody to accompany the theme, but then again, the music in the audio portal is really there to serve as background music, so I wouldn't call that a fault. Rather, I liked the song and wanted it to stand on its own :D

Sephora responds:

Yeah, I do agree with you. I purposely built most of the song around the beats I created, to make them stand out most. Still, I hope that doesn't take away too much from the song. But i'm glad you liked it and thanks for the comment. :)


2008-02-28 22:35:50

I really like your songs. This one is great, I will most likely use it in my next big project. I only wish the file size was a bit smaller :v

(Updated ) Sephora responds:

If you want, I can render a smaller file for you. Just pm me if you are interested.